Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Home

Welcome to my home! Since none of you can actually come to my house out in the boonies I thought I would video tape it. My mother has been dying to see what the place looks like! Sorry I had to break it up into 3 pieces... Oh yeah and sorry that it satrts with video from Christmas!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Depression or Laziness??

So I've been wondering, am I depressed or just lazy? Am I homesick or just lonely? I need someone to diagnose me and find some pills to cure me!! I go to bed every night with resolutions for the next day. I make plans to work out, eat healthy, have fun with the kids, clean the house, do some crafting.... basically everything that I know makes me feel happy and healthy. Then I wake up and the couch and remote call to me. They are like a drug. I sit all day watching random tv shows and movies, eating everything unhealthy in the house while dwelling on everything that I hate about me new life. I end up in a bad mood which makes everyone else unhappy, cuz we all know "if mama aint happy, no one is happy"!!
So what is my deal? why oh why can't I stick to my resolutions? I know that I will be happier if I just do even HALF of the things on my list! So WHY?? Is it depression or laziness?? Hopefully I'll figure it out soon before I end up 50 lbs heavier and stuck in the couch cushions!!
I guess I may as well do 1 thing on my list today... update my blog!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


So this past month has been CRAZY!! Moving as a single parent is extremely difficult! Over these past few weeks I have packed our whole apartment and cleaned it, done TONS of hair appointments, and tried to maintain my sanity in the process. The girls are definately having a hard time with the change. We are at my parents house while in transition and they love it here. They will totally miss Oma and Poppi!
Josh and Danielle get in tonight and we are going to take the next 5 days to enjoy what Seattle has to offer and then Thursday we head on down to our destination. Wellton, AZ. Yep you've probably never heard of such a place until now huh? But that's where we will be living for the next year or so. It's a big change. I'm trying to be excited about it but it's more stress than excitement at this point.

So here is where Wellton is located. It is about 30 minutes to Yuma, 3 hrs from Phoenix and 3 hrs from San Diego. Very Very small town.

This is the house we will be renting. We are on a golf course luckily so I will get to see green everyday! ha ha

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow I'm a slacker!!

K since I got into Facebook I just don't get around to posting on my blog. I need to do better!! So here are the updates...
Jalie is 1! Holy Cow I still can't believe it!! She is such a funny girl. TONS of personality! She makes me laugh everyday and I'm extremely grateful for that! She had fun letting sister open all her presents...

New earrings from Oma that she can't pull out!!
She LOVES phones! ha ha
I made the cakes this year... now that I think about it, I should have done colored frosting!

The first few bites...
Getting into it...

And done... pushing it away with both hands AND a foot!! ha ha

Time to call in the cleaning crew! KC to the rescue! That dog ate every crumb!
Kenzie with Aunt Rachel
I had to post this picture... ha ha I LOVE this girl!
Since Jalie just turned 1 and Kenzie turns 3 next weekend we had an old friend take some pictures of the girls. I love how the pictures turned out! Aren't my daughters beautiful?? I think so at least!

JT graduated the BP academy!! He's so awesome! He even won 2 for best marksmen and one for best driver! I'm so proud of him. Now he is learning Spanish 8 hours a day... and I can NOT wait till it's all over! I miss him soooo much!
Moving plans are under way now. We are looking at some places for rent and the moving truck is all reserved. I can't believe it's really happening! EEK!I better pack a few more boxes today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flower Headband

My cousin was wearing a really cute headband on Christmas and so I had to get a closer look and make one for myself! They are pretty easy to make so I thought after making a couple that I would make a tutorial.

You need strips of fabric measuring approx. 1.5" wide. I bought this package of Moda Bakeshop and they have worked amazingly!! I can't tell you a length because I honestly don't know. The bigger the flower the longer the strip. Hope that makes since!!

Press fabric in half lengthwise and tie a knot in the end
Twist fabric around knot using dots of hot glue to secure as you go. (you don't need a lot of glue it will make it too heavy)

When you are happy with the size simply cut the fabric and glue the tail end under

Make a cluster of about 5 in random sizes and complimenting colors and glue togetherUse hot glue to attach to the side of a cheap headband. I like these skinny one's the best because they are easier on the back of my ears and easier to hide in my hair.

I need to get more headbands for these but i like how they turned out!

Don't forget to check on your never know what kind of mischief they are getting into when your crafting right??

I love these flower headbands!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Okay so unless you are really bored you probably just want to skip over this post! I took a ton of pics at Christmas (like most people do!) and I want JT to get to see most of them since he wasn't here for the holiday. So here we go!

Before Christmas:

Gingerbread house
Kenz with fake smile

Kenz fake angry
I made this apron for my SIL for Christmas and sent it to her
Kenz and I decorated ornaments for the tree.. the stalking she said was for Daddy!

My sister sent me a beautiful scarf for Christmas! I LOVE it!!
The cookies that Kenz and I decorated

Christmas Eve:
Jalie with Uncle Jon (the girls are wearing shirts that Aunt Kandis made them for Christmas!)
Nanny and Papa's tree
Kenz playing with Oma
Can you tell she's ready to open presents??
They both got phones from Aunt Sandy.. . Kenz got a Dora cell phone
And Jalie got a Fisher Price phone
Ha ha gotta have another Frog!!
Jalie with my cousins Taylor and Andy

TinkerBell Pajamas!!

Jalie... what a CHUB!!Jalie got Dora sippy cups which were quickly confiscated by Kenzie!
Jalie got a car toy from Nanny and Papa
The box is always a hit!!

Kenz was sooo excited when she got her Barbie princess costume!
Jalie in her ballerina pajamas

I LOVE this picture!! Totally my favorite!!
After all the presents were opened it was time to hang with Taylor playing DS
Bro Kyler
Kenzie sitting with Poppi
Christmas Morning:
More presents??
Jalie LOVES her blankie!!
The chair I re-covered for Jalie
The girls with their new chairs!
Ha ha she got her pants wet... I think the diaper with the tutu is priceless!!
All our Christmas loot! Filled up the huge box that had the chair in it!
Kenz loves her "baby horsey"
Jalie with her second cousin?? or third cousin?? Not sure but they are only 1 month apart... so cute!!
K all the videos... probably out of order but here they are!!